Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Beginning of the Adventure

So, for a while now I've been thinking that I should blog. Not sure yet where this is going to go but we will see where it takes us. I've entitled this blog 'GreatAdventure' because I've been reflecting lately how life is an adventure, and Helen Keller's statement above captures this. For me, life is an adventure because I am journeying with God and everywhere that takes me. It's certainly not a nice tidy adventure with endings that tie up concisely where the villains always get sorted out and the heroes always prevail, but it's an exciting adventure that more than anything is full of hope.

I've only added one blog to my list so far because it's something on my mind a lot at the moment. Take a look at the 'One Month Before Heartbreak' blog and have a browse. For many, living with disability and chronic illness can be an incredibly lonely life, and proposed government cuts rightly or wrongly are causing many to fear for their future. I long to see a fair and just society where the vulnerable are upheld, cared for and included, and wonder how we can all play our part in causing this to happen, or at least to get on the right road towards it.


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging Liz. We have a private blog for our UE work and we try to do one entry a month but it's amazing how quickly the days speed by. Looking forward to seeing more adventures. Iona x

  2. hi liz I blog occasionally as well welcome xxx