Thursday, 18 May 2017

Ephesians 3 Prayer

This is my favourite passage of scripture, so I thought I'd have a little play with it this morning.

We kneel before you, Father
We’re named in your love, our whole family in you
In heaven and on earth.
Out of your glorious riches, too exquisite to behold
May you restore us with your power
Through your Spirit in our inmost being.
May you, Christ Jesus, abide in our deepest hearts
Through faith alone.
And may we who are rooted and grounded in you,
Established in the love which never gives up on us
May we grasp the power you freely bestow,
Together with all the saints, now and forever through history and eternity,
The power to seize hold of
How wide and long and high and deep
How immense and immeasurable and boundless and profound
How sweeping and towering and soaring and unfathomable
Is your love, Lord Jesus.
And may we know this great love that transcends wisdom
That outweighs knowledge
That eclipses learning –
That we may be filled to bursting point
Saturated with copious profusion
Completed with the fullness of you, our God.
Now to you – to you, our glorious God, to you who is able to do
Limitlessly more
Than all we could ever ask,
And all we could ever imagine,
All we could even conceive of or envisage or wildly dream of,
According to your power
At work within us, around us, without us, in front and behind,
Dancing with us, all-containing, everywhere we go and everything we do,
To you be the glory!
To you be the honour, the praise, the acclaim and the exaltation,
In the church, your bride waiting for you with baited breath,
And in Christ Jesus
Throughout all generations, through history, stretching back and forth to eternity,
And eternity.

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