Monday, 7 February 2011

The Spoon Theory

It is hard to explain what it is like living with illness, especially when you often look so normal (well many friends may disagree on this one ;) ) This lady who has lupus has produced what is called 'The Spoon Theory' which conveys as well as anything can a little of what it can be like. For me, some days I start with very few 'spoons' and others have quite a lot, but there is always a limit, and once they're gone that's me done that day (you'll really have to read the link for any of this to make any sense!)

Days where my spoons are few (!) taking Adventure Girl and Boy to school may use them up entirely, and sometimes there are not even enough for that, and Adventure Bloke steps in and takes over, as he always does so gracefully. Has done today, in fact, as I assessed this morning that my spoon number may be somewhat low today.

I hope that goes some way towards explaining what it can be like?


  1. Love you Liz! Love your openness and vulnerability that makes you such a huge blessing to many xxx

  2. This guy always has a pair in reserve:

    Hope today is better!


  3. have read the spoon theory before, and so totally know what ur saying...
    i still think u do such a fab job, and totally admire u xxxxxxxxxxx liz